Jemel May

Jemel May /jä'mel,mā/ noun

I'm a moment capturer residing in Toronto. I worked with ivviva Athletica as their community photographer and have found a passion for capturing people! I was a Marketing Intern/Video Editor for Ganz Studios and the Media Producer for Urbane Conviction. I've worked with OneChild organization to create a video for a campaign against human trafficking and established and ran Humans of the University of Toronto where I photographed people on campus to post online in order to build a sense of community within my campus (University of Toronto). I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. My spirit animal is a penguin and I can't live without my trusty ukulele!

synonyms: creative, quirky, quick-learner, foodie, music junky, stitch impersonator, cookie worshipper!

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